Mother Teran Inc.

Mother teran is the company which has a patent of QR code and NFC payment service,
we always supply user focused service and low priced goods.

Mother Teran is

Making a constant effort to be a smart store which supply new value to customers and small business owners for a new idea and revolution under the slogan 'Connect the all stores in on-line by QR code and NFC'.
We'll develop products and software to connect the off-line store to the on-line and make new value and smart stores.

Our goal is

Enhancing profits with lower fees to small business owners and making service which is easily accessible and simple to customers.
The platform which is simple, easy and no longer need to learn, not only for the young but also for the old, is the service we Mother Teran pursue.

The CEO of Mother Teran is

Thinking about which way is easier and more convenient on the consumer side. If it is a little bit complicated, think agian and again until he find a better way. He is doing his best to provide a new service with a innovative idea.

Mother Teran's QR code reader EZEN QR

In the case of existing QR code payment system, the customer should push the confirm button for the payment after he take a QR code of a store with his camera and enter the price by himself.
But EZEN QR of Mother Teran can finish the whole process by scanning a QR code after a clerk enter the price.
It can make the payment much easier and faster.

  • Screen : 2.8 inch, Single color
  • Battery : Rechargeable battery
  • Charging System : Micro 5pin USB
  • Camera : Compatible 1D/2D system
  • Price :

PAY List

These are the pay lists which are payable with EZEN QR in Korea.

Mother Teran's NFC reader EZEN TOUCH

This reader is made by Mother Teran. It supports mobile phone micropayment, app cards, and easy-payment. You can save or use various brands of points or stamps. All you have to do is just turn on the screen and touch the reader without launching the app.
Run your store wisely with EZEN TOUCH of Mother Teran which is innovative, simple and possible to use mobile phone micropayment system in off line for the first time in Korea to gather many customers.

  • Size : 2.8 inch
  • Battery : Rechargeable battery
  • Charging System : Micro 5pin USB
  • Price :

How to use EZEN TOUCH

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